If another person tells me I am salt sensitive I am going to scream! The over use of salt by cooks in this country is abominable. If food needs salt to make it palatable then it is not of a quality worth eating. Quality food needs no salt. The American palate has been dulled down so much over the past decades that food needs to be salty in order for them to enjoy it. Years ago when crazy chefs started to put salt and pepper (seasoning) on salads I knew we were doomed. Why on earth would a fresh salad need salt? Again freshly picked plants do not need salt. They taste great without salt. Have you ever pulled a carrot from the ground washed it off and taken a bite? It tastes delicious. Farmers are not salting their fields. American palates are dead. A $100 piece of USDA Prime beef does not need salt. It should taste amazing om its own. No butter either. Americans want to know why hypertension is killing them? Wake up! Its the salt in our diets. Food companies are killing us. Look at the salt content in bread! And wraps forgetaboutit! Be smart. Stop salting your food. Read the food labels. I couldn’t believe it when I saw someone putting salt on their fresh sliced melon. Crazy! Salt on cantaloupe. Salt on honeydew. Salt on watermelon. WTF! The next time you dine at a five star $500 a plate restaurant ask yourself, is salt needed? Or why is my food salted? For that price the ingredients should be the best in the world. They should taste amazing without salt. Say goodbye to salty food. Resuscitate your palates. Oh yes, most vegetarian and vegan food has a ton of salt in it. The meatless lab created burger you think is healthier than beef, oh yes it is not.