Bern’s Steak House, Tampa. Wow, what a cool place. Totally unassuming from the outside. But inside it looks like Disneyland created a castle/dungeon like steak house. There are  many nooks that take you to various Middle Ages like themed dinning rooms. Castle like in a way. King Arthur’s Court might be another theme to describe this event center.  The large bar area was packed with knights and damsels in distress having cocktails before the carnivore feasts. You can tell by the mildew smell in the bar area that Bern’s is in need of some decor replacements. The staff is professional and welcoming, yet disappeared for most of the dinning experience. The food was a huge disappointment. That’s all I am going to say about that. Another gimmick in this fantasy land is that dessert is served in the tremendous upstairs dessert room area. Again each decorated with European themes. Some might consider this a chore, but it makes you feel like your ride through this steak house theme park is almost over. Tours of the kitchen and the dark and dingy wine storage area (be careful not to fall) is standard and complimentary. Is Bern’s worth a visit? Yes, at least once for a steak house experience like no other. But get the fish. – CC