Let me introduce to you, Antonio De Lilla. He is the South Florida Regional Sales Manager for Dark Star Imports. He was raised in Siena, Tuscany, Italy. A graduate of the University of Florence with a degree in wine making. He recently studied under Michel Roland. An expert in the food & wine industry, international experience in Italy, Bordeaux, Canada, London, New York City and Napa Valley. Who better than Antonio to buy and take wine advice from?
I was able to try two of the many wines Dark Star Imports has in its portfolio.
The 2016 Bastianich Vini Orsone Chardonnay, $19. An impressive white for its price. I would not have guessed this was an Italian chardonnay. Steel aged , 12% ABV, surprisingly effervescent. A perfect match to seafood dishes. The white floral notes reminded me of drinking a top Chassagne Montrachet from France. Screw top.
The 2016 Bastianich Estate La Mozza Sangiovese, $25. From Maremma. This medium to full bodied red proves that not all good sangiovese comes from Tuscany. This wine has predominant notes of ripe plums, pine needles and dried cherries. Even-keeled it marries well with lamb chops. Drink now.
Pick up a bottle or two at your local wine shop and try them for yourself. -Keith Ian