Zona Blu, Weston. This Italian Restaurant features Italian and Sardinia style cuisine. Pasquale makes sure you feel like a welcomed guest. Executive Chef Andrea Fadda creates five star presentations. First let me say this restaurant is located in a corner of a strip center. You probably would not know it was even there. I did not. But locals do! They are keeping it a secret. But not any more! The food was delicious. Homemade Sardinia flat bread served with most dishes. The bouillabaisse was a delicate mix of select shrimp and Mediterranean fish. Next, battered and deep fried octopus. Served with olives and a truffle olive paste. I guess this dish proves anything deep fried is delicious. And finally two nice sized lamb chops, served with probably the best cecci bean dip I have ever tasted.  Outstanding Chef! The plantings were all five star. And the food is well worth the visit.