Oakland Park Blvd. Ft Lauderdale. Noor has two locations in Ft Lauderdale. This location on W Oakland Park Blvd is a free standing building next to the South Interstate 95 entrance. It is easy to miss so drive slowly when looking for the parking lot. Inside is just the remnents of what ever business used to be there before. A refrigerator with soda a nd empty counters. A large display menu with pictures of each dish is the highlight of the store. Maybe they used the same decorator as Bufala? Anyway, the food is good and prices are low. The owner was more than happy to have our business. Home cooked Lebanese delights. Chicken and beef shwarma only $4! Spinach and other flavored pies at $1 each!. Sample platters $14 and other middle eastern food choices. The print menu is one of the best. It like the display panels in the store has pics of all the items and the prices. So for a quick inexpensive bite try one of the two Noor locations. – Roxy Magoo