All 50 states make wine. That is a great thing. Exposing people to wine. Getting people to drink wine. Supporting the local economies. I get it. I am all for that. Wine as a preference is subjective. I have had wine that I did not like. Yet the winery sells out to its wine club members. I get it. But, here it comes, there are really two states that master wine making in the USA. California and Washington. These two states produce the best wine in the USA. And some of the best in the world. Why? Money, experience and most important the correct growing elements. I was recently at a wine festival on Long Island New York. I have tried Long Island wines many times. They are not for me. Like the other non west coast wines they lack the needed growing elements needed to make great wine. They are flabby wines. Unable to attain proper acidic and pH balance or tannic backbone. The growing season on LI is shorter than the west coast. The soil freezes in the Winter months effecting the fruit quality. The soil assessment does not lend itself to growing the same type of grapes, etc. Pre-wineries, farmers grew potatoes and other crops in this soil leaving the soil with funky properties that transfer into the wines taste. Some wines I find have a banana taste to them. Even the LI vodka has a banana taste to it. What really amazes me is that some wineries are retail pricing their wines at over $100 a bottle. More power to them. And to the people who can afford these wines. Its probably those who have the most/best toys kind of wine buyer. So what made me write about this region? I read in wine journals on how good LI wines are. And how LI is an up and coming AVA. Maybe for those on their way out to the Hamptons who need to quickly stock up for the weekend parties.  Hey if you like the way LI wine taste, like I said, I get it. But as a wine connoisseur, LI at this time, does not have what it takes to compete with the big boys of the west coast. – Keith Ian