Clermont, FL. When in the Orlando area make sure to visit the Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards. The main grape varietal at Lakeridge is the local Florida muscadine grape. Bottle prices range from $8 to $19  with most the popular bottles costing around $10 a bottle or less. Lakeridge and its San Sebastian Winery produce over 2 million bottles a year! The locally grown muscadine grape produces a semi sweet to sweet wine. Best served cold on a hot Florida day. Do not forget to try the San Sebastian port ($17), made at their San Sebastian winery facility and served here. Not only is the bottle a really cool shape, one that you expect a genie to pop out of, it is a fine expression of a local port. Also taste some of the limited production California harvested grape varietals they make here in Florida. California red wine choices currently include two Cabernet Sauvignons and a petite sirah (light bodied, yet complex with notes of purple flowers and black tea). California selections are priced from $13 to $30. A lot less than one would expect to pay for California wines. So stop by Lakeridge Winery if you live in the area. Or take a road trip if you are a wine lover. It is an impressive facility. Open seven days a week. Free tours and tastings! And do watch the short video about the winery. It will educate you on the local grapes and people involved in making the wine _ Keith Ian