Just when I thought I had her all figured out, she surprises me. Multiple personalities make her exciting to navigate. Is she coming at me straight on or will she suddenly use her curves as my anxious lips sip her dark fruit. One never knows her direction. My tongue tells me blackberry. But then it changes direction to blueberry or wait is it black cherry? Her juices continue to coat my mouth with bursts of fruit flavors that are so intense and complex that I must taste her again and again. Red raspberry? Currant? Anise? Maybe. But she continues to tease. Relentless in identity. She teases as she  navigates all the inner sanctum of my tongue and mouth. As she gently slides down the back of my throat her scent lingers. The tease continues with every sip. Like a top model strutting her stuff on the catwalk. Every strut is like watching poetry in motion. She gets close and closer to you. Then just when you think you have her in your grasp, she turns and walks away. – The 2014 DENNER DIRT WORSHIPER. Red Blend Paso Robles, CA. $75