Parkland. Of all palaces to find the best beef ribs you would not expect to get them at the Bahama Grill. Located in the shopping center a tad north of Wawa on 441 one block south of Hillsboro Blvd in the Waterways Shopping Center. Very hard to find. The restaurant is in the back once you turn in. A crazy design of a strip mall. Two huge beef ribs $22 with three sides. About $17 for one rib and sides, which is enough food to eat without gorging yourself on a second rib as I did! Sides of beans and mashed potatoes were ok. As was the side salad. The cornbread is actually a corn muffin. But those huge tender beef ribs are the star here. Fall off the bone beef short ribs. As good as the best you ever had in those fancy restaurants or top bbq joints. Try the tropical sauce. Well worth a visit for us meat eaters! – Twinkie LaRue