Wellington. Thursday February 14. It is Valentines Day and Bangin’ Benie is back in town! After a few months following my favorite bands all over Europe I am back in Florida to save up more money for my next music adventure. I was at the Boston tribute band Smokin concert at the Wellington Amphitheater.  I like the Thursday night shows at this venue. It is food truck Thursdays. About a dozen trucks line up at 5 pm giving you two hours of food options to choose from before the 7 pm concert. Back to the show. Smokin rocked it out! Playing the classic Boston tunes that put the songs on the charts. The clean notes of Boston’s songs synthesizers brought back great memories of the times. But this year something is off with the sound system here. Too much distortion. The technicians need to clean up the sound. – Bangin’ Benie