February 1-3, 2019. Friday, grabbed lunch at In and Out Burger in Washington, UT. Double double and fries. Held us over through diner time. First stop afternoon visit to Zion National park. $35 entry fee. Gorgeous views. Stop into the lodge for a trinket memory. Saw a rock slide. Sounded like thunder. Parts of park closed due to gov’t shutdown issues. But a quick drive up and down main drag is amazing. Go for a quick three minute walk to weeping rock site. Stay at Hilton Hampton Inn Zion. $102 nite. Very nice hotel. Free breakfast and happy hour snacks. Saturday, headed to Bryce Canyon National Park.  $35 entry fee. But for $80 you can buy a one year pass usable in any national park in the USA. This is the way to go. You can upgrade to the pass and pay the difference if you already payed the $35 fee at another park within 7 days. Amazing drive through Zion Park and the mountain tunnel. Bryce was freezing and a snow storm was coming in. But still beautiful sites. I liked it better than Zion. Breathtaking really. Headed back about 1pm for the two hour drive back to Zion Park. Drove through Zion again. Dinner at Switchback Steakhouse next to Hampton Inn. Expensive, probably nicest restaurant in the area. Food was OK. Focaccia bread is dense and chewy. Not good. Butter is served as individual units wrapped in foil. Not classy. We had the burata salad, (under-ripe tomatoes, drowing in overly sweet balsamic drizzle from a bottle and a heap of basil pesto.) Light and fluffy buffalo meatballs (mainly pork) and spaghetti (al dente) $20. Fried calamari (frozen), but loved the fried peppers, okra and onions it was served on. The $48 NY strip was wet aged (does nothing for flavor). Wine is a 6oz measured pour of inexpensive house wines. Overall could and should have been so much better. Back to hotel for free cookies. Sunday morning one more drive through Zion Park, its only two minutes from the Hampton Inn and back to Las Vegas to head home. Great sojourn! – Mitzi Magnolia