I always heard great things about Dal Forno amarone and valpolicella. People describe these wines as royal treasures. Italian wine enthusiasts eyes light up. Their mouths smile. Halos appear above their heads when they talk about Dal Forno wines. So I finally had my taste. At $400 a bottle for the Amarone and $100+ for a bottle of valpolicella. I chose the later. A $110 bottle of 2012 valpolicella. I was trembling with anticipation. I purchased my first Dal Forno. A passage, a birthright, a quest that was bestowed on me for many years by my wine drinking colleges. Now it was my time. Like a teenage boy, I pulled the cork gently, feeling every inch as it came out of its tight enclosure. The cork looked perfect when it was in my hand. The sound of this royal liquid releasing into my wine glass was orgasmic. The anticipation of taste was painful. Here it comes. As I brought the glass filled with this red juice to my lips for my virginal taste I became flaccid. No wow. No this tastes amazing. No this is one of the greatest wines I have ever tasted in my life reaction. Just an immediate feeling of I just wasted $110 on this red dragon. Was it good? I would say more OK than good. There were no defects. And no it was not to young to truly enjoy it for you aging wine whores. And for you label wine whores I laugh. For about $25 you can get a quality valpolicella that tastes better. So is everything royal worth it? Obviously not – Keith Ian