Monkitail. Diplomat Beach Resort. Hollywood, FL.

WOW! One of the best tasting menu deals in America. I had to eat here two nights in a row it was so good. A cool hip place with a Tao like setting. Loud, young and chic. My only two negative remarks are that the bar stools are most uncomfortable. And the red wines by the glass are too expensive for what they are. Give better red wine choices. The $65 ten course tasting menu can not be beat. What a deal!  The cold sliced octopus sunomono with Japanese seaweed and pickled cucumbers is a delight. The Pastrami bao bun is delish. The duck scrapple bao bun is a creative sandwich. A large bowl of Japanese fried chicken nuggets will fill you up. The tempura shrimp taco is great. The aged NY strip is a full portion thinly sliced to order and tasty. The Japanese scallop is one single large scallop that is cooked perfectly. Shrimp fried rice is a large portion. The bacon yakisoba is a large dish of delicious homemade ramen noodles and bacon. The large seared prawn was over cooked but if not would have been good. The grilled octopus skewer was very good. As was the ribeye skewer. The quail skewer was interestingly good. The yellowtail, soy, lemon sashimi was fresh as was the octopus, soy and lemon sashimi. The shrimp California and the blue crab rolls were very good. The tenth course is dessert of homemade Oreo and Lucky Charms mini soft ice cream cones. Twenty dishes in two nights is a lot. But the price, quality and creativity of this tasting menu makes it one of the best. Professional service. Validated valet parking. Hotel lobby bathroom use – Twinky LaRue