I usually do not like St Louis Style BBQ ribs. They are not as lean, slender or sexy as their cousins next door, the baby backs. St Louis style ribs are too thick, boring and too swine tasting for me. But last night all that changed for me. I took a chance. Starving after a day of fishing my carnivorous fangs were out. I stopped in at the Seaway Smokehouse featuring Tillman’s BBQ in Ft Pierce Florida. Located right off US1 and Seaway drive on your way to to the beach. A small parking lot surrounds the smokehouse.  Hot as smoke inside. A very friendly young lady greets you and asks what she can get you. A big menu overhead gives you all the options. I opted for a BBQ plate. Two meats, two sides and cornbread for $18.99. I chose the sliced brisket, St Louis ribs ( No baby backs here. Hey I was starving so I gave it a shot), beans and slaw. I sat outside where a cool ocean breeze made for a pleasant dinning atmosphere sitting at one of the picnic tables. When I looked at my tray of food I smiled. I knew it was going to be tasty. The ribs were slender and glazed. Not the typical fat and lazy St Louis cut. They were the best I ever ate. Their bark was fierce. Sweet caramelized goodness. Whew. My gamble paid off. The brisket smoked for 24 hours, prime angus cut, as Jeff told me, was juicy. Beans and slaw were the perfect match. I also loved their homemade BBQ sauce. Otis and Tillman did a great job with the meats. I do not know if I will ever order St  Louis style ribs again. But if I do, it will be at Seaway Smokehouse featuring Tillman’s BBQ. It’s worth the wait.

– Keith Ian