Notes from a recent tasting at the Rosenblum (RIP) tasting room in Oakland, CA. $25 for four 1 oz pours. Tasting fee applied to purchase price. If you do not purchase wine then this is a very expensive tasting. The snacks are a very good value. Nice sized portions.

2016 Orogeny Pinot Noir $40- Disappointing from the Russian River Valley.

2014 Daffodil Pint Noir Willamette Valley, OR $40- still not a fan of OR Pinots

2013 Crespi Pinot Noir SLH $42- Not an impressive wine from the SLH region

2014 Garnet -Stanly Ranch Pinot Noir Napa Carneros $45- proves that not all Pinot from Carneros and Napa is good


2013 RC12 Zinfandel Napa $38- Over- ripe fruit, stewed, port-like, unbalanced

2016 Rockpile Zinfandel Botticelli Vineyard, Sonoma $50- tight and cult like

2013 Monte Rosso Zinfandel Sonoma $45- Ok at best. Cherry notes. Too expensive for what it is

2012 Rockpile Fran’s Syrah, Sonoma $44- big purple flower notes, floral and grassy