On the way home from a FFWJ assignment last week, I was starving for something meaty. My prayers were answered when I looked up and saw three beautiful neon letters staring at me. BBQ. Smoke BBQ on the Galt Ocean Mile in Ft Lauderdale off AIA was about to close for the night. With twenty minutes left until the doors locked they were out of baby backs but they still had homemade pastrami sandwiches for $13. I’ll take one to go I shouted passionately. Hand sliced, served on rye with deli mustard. I carried the sandwich to my car with the care and fragility one would of a child. I could smell the smokey flavor wafting from the paper bag it was wrapped in. As I peeled the butcher paper back to reveal the contents, the pastrami was  hot and moist. Melted in my mouth upon each bite. Absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to go back and have another – Zazy Lichtenstein