Nestled in an office park off of Glades Rd in Boca Raton the New York Prime Steakhouse is a friendly kind of place. When you read the menu it says if any of the staff give you any attitude let the manager know immediately. Don’t worry there is no typical steakhouse attitude here. They aim to please. A small cozy joint. With lots of windows! I hate those steakhouses without windows. It is like eating in a basement. The bar takes up about a quarter of the restaurant. Tonight we ate the triple cut loin lamp chops $50. Very good. The veal rib chop$50 was also very tasty. Hash browns were tasty and buttery. The sauteed wild mushrooms were tasty but drowning in butter and garlic $9 each small size. Tight bathroom quarters. Even-keeled and professional service. Read the rules on the menu! It will make your visit that much more enjoyable. Free valet parking. – Jimmy Bee