July 27, Friday 7pm. Last nite at Mizner Park in Boca Raton the Fleetwood Mac tribute band Crystal Visions was headlining. The warm up band was the main attraction for me. The lead singer with Janis Joplin like vocals rocked it out. I wish I could say the same for Crystal Visions. They had a lackluster stage presence that just sucked the life out of you. Bad vibes. I don’t know who to blame for the bad sound. Mizner Park acoustics or the bands mixing board. Either way it was excruciating to listen to. To make matters worse, the crowd at these concerts are an unruly group. No respect for anyone. People sitting on top of you. Spraying insect repellent all over you and your stuff. Placing down blankets to save space and never using the blankets. Yet have no problem of taking up needed space for others to sit down. An absolute disgusting display of people who think they are privileged but whom are just classless. Hot and humid conditions inside the amphitheater did not add to the cramped quarters and body heat. I left early.