What a great town Woodinville is. About a 30 minute drive north of Seattle, Washington. You can even stay in Seattle try the Sheraton Four Points Seatac for a bargain, and make a daily trek to Woodinville. Woodinville offers an abundance of tasting rooms saving you the trip to Walla Walla. I will say that we did drive to Walla Walla on a former trip and it was some of the most stunning American landscape views we have ever seen. The vista views blow away Napa’s and Sonoma’s all day long. A stay at the historic Marcus Whitman Hotel is a must in Walla Walla. Plus the hotels restaurant offers a five star meal at a modest price not to be missed. Arrived Seatac late. Went straight to 13 Coins Restaurant, Seatac location. Amazing! An old school joint cooking up huge portions of everything! Sit at the huge bar seats for the real experience. Love this place! Off to sleep. DAY ONE-A mid day wine tasting break took us to eat at Vivi Pizzeria. Serving pizza that tastes nothing like NYC pizza. More wine tasting and dinner at the Russel Lowell Restaurant. A Woodinville landmark. Rustic and friendly environment. Limited menu. But the casserole was excellent. lamb chops, lamb saddle, sausage, beef, beans and vegetables slowly cooked for hours. A real hunters stew that matched the decor. DAY TWO- off to taste more wine! Lunch at the Hollywood Tavern provided a juicy burger that satisfied our hunger. Next to the Tavern is the local Woodinville Whisky Distillery. A wonderful free tour and you can buy their delicious spirits and maple syrup for a discount at the end of the tour. Dinner at Woodblock in Redmond. A newer local hip eatery. Try the gnocchi. DAY THREE- wine tasting. Lunch at Amato Catering. The flat breads are very flat. Try a sandwich instead. Dinner at Wally’s Seafood near Seatac Airport. Huge portions, I mean huge, of seafood dishes. Truly an experience. Wine tasting mention: Ask for Bob at Eye of the Needle. Try his wine. Interesting blends that will make you want to bring some home to share with your friends. – Keith Ian