Land at airport then straight to breakfast at Bouchon in the Venetian Hotel. What amazing breads, pastries, eggs, donuts and everything breakfast here. Expensive but worth it! Gamble gamble gamble, lunch. We go to the new Mercado Della Pescheria in the Venetian. Formerly Wolfgang Puck’s. The remodel looks great. But the food is not. Overly sauced and overly cooked pasta and other bad food choices were ordered. Skip this place. Gamble, gamble, gamble, dinner. Head to the MGM Grand Hotel for L’Atelier by Joel Robuchon. The decor is so 1980″s black light poster meets Bruce Lee. The bar seats are excruciatingly uncomfortable for a two hour plus dinning experience. But the service and food are divine. Some of the best in the county. Extreme prices. But if you can afford it or gamble and win this is the place to splurge. Small plates of culinary artwork that absolutely delight the taste buds. One day I hope to eat at their even more expensive restaurant next door. Come on 7! Gamble, gamble, gamble, supper at Lupo in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. When they have it the veal chop is amazing and the homemade pasta as well. Back to the airport – Keith Ian