Oh no. The new Steven Starr restaurant El VEZ is in trouble if it doesn’t get its act together. Or maybe the tasteless tourists and drunk spring breakers will keep it afloat? Located inside the posh Ft Lauderdale W Hotel. The staff and management are in check. Making sure everything is ok. But what comes out of the kitchen needs help. A lot of help. Chicken enchiladas look better than they taste. The chicken inside was as bland as sand. Shrimp tacos are all wrong. Chopped pieces of shrimp inside of a deep fried puffy taco like shell. WHY? Inedible. The famous mahi mahi tacos were so fishy tasting that one bite would have made a shark swim away. Plus they were dry as a bone and served in a taco shell that was seared off making it even drier. Oy Vey. The chips and three dips were tasty. But how can you screw that up dish. Cheese and mushroom dip just did not work either. Steak tacos were dry as well. After eating at El Vez two days in a row. I think we served our time- CC