Q: Do you get more pleasure drinking a young vibrant wine or an older mellow wine?

A: It is up to an individual’s preferences

Down-under her hands so carefully encompassed the tip of the bottle with the exact pressure of touch as she slowly unscrewed the tip of the contents cap. Upon breaking the seal from the neck of the bottle, a marvelous scent of currant, blackberry and cherry notes immediately filled the room with . Its contents were very much alive and well. Waning for years to be released from its glass enclosure. At that very moment our eyes met and we knew this was going to be a lovely nectar to consume. The pressure was building to taste it with our lips, tongue and teeth. When the glass filled with this red liquid of desire touched our aching lips, the big and jammy nose intoxicated our senses. Silky, chewy rounded fruit flavors raced endlessly down our throats. As if our tonsils were waving a checkered finish line flag.  Open and wanting this silky and lush liquid to coat the back of each others throats with its brilliant essence. Ruby red, inky hues with outlines of burnt orange garnished the miniscus’s edges. Reminding us of shades of Fall tree leaves during a New England Fall season. Yes, yes, we shouted as we simultaneously swallowed this liquid courage. Ending with a long lasting finish. This older well put together Australian Cab Sav is still a wonderful wine in the bottle. But even better when it is released out of its glass enclosed captivity. Giving and taking more experiences and passions than that of its younger counterparts could ever fulfill. Drink now through 2021.- Keith Ian