This everyday drinking Sonoma Santa Barbara Pinot Noir reminds me of the youthful exciting feeling of getting cotton candy at the state fair. When your tongue unraveled each soft cotton layer that sweet smelling aroma coming out of the smooth silky sugar webs being wrapped around those long thick cylindrical paper tubes being gently hand spun. Heightened senses are awoken on the nose when this cork is popped. Supple notes of cotton candy, cranberry and cola nut make the olfactory quiver with excitement. One’s tongue dances when this juice swirls in your mouth. You feel the light body and fruity flavors tickle the back of your throat as the the long finish makes you want to do it over and over again. For about $15 or less a bottle of this Pinot matched with the right food will slide down your mouth with youthful exuberance. – Keith Ian