The first time I ate at S3 in the Ft Lauderdale Hilton on Ocean Drive my waiter helped himself to an extra tip on my credit card bill. That was lunchtime and I had the tasty hamburger. I vowed never to go back. But this week friends convinced me to try it for dinner. I am glad I did. It was so good that we went back two nights in row. The lovely sunsets and ocean breeze set the pace for an enjoyable dinner on any evening. What did we eat? More like what did we not eat in two nights. Goat cheese balls, grilled octopus salad, sushi rolls, tuna crab tower, dragon rolls, duck bao, beef short ribs, french fries, edamame, mac and cheeses and the best lamb chops ever! Four double cut lamb chops marinated in a yogurt and spices were perfectly seared to an outer crust and like butter in the middle even at a medium temperature. Cooked perfectly to temperature on both both nights. All dishes delivered big taste sensations. Desserts of donuts both nights rocked, but the key lime bunt cake I will defer to gluten free crowd. What about that check that was “fixed” by a staff member on my first visit. It was taken care of by the dinner manager when I told him the story. Yes, S3 is worth a visit… or two – Keith Ian