Wow what a find. $50 at Chelsea Market NYC. I was skeptical about a Pinot of this age. Delicate fruit usually does not age well. This bottle of juice proved me wrong. When the cork was gently removed the hands of the waiter the sweet nectar aroma filled the air like sirens luring in Sinbad and his pirate crew. Hard excitement was building inside our bodies and this wine delivered. Still inky and lush. It maintained its youthful tannic presence like fancy women going for cosmetic surgery. Big notes of dark berries, cranberries , raspberries and cherry cola exploded in ones mouth like a seductive oral sensation. Wow. What a wine the virgin tasters at the table moaned in delight as the juice coated their mouths and tongues. For there first time taste of a Williams Selyem pinot noir they were truly spoiled- Keith Ian