48 hours in Atlanta Georgia. Here is what we were able to eat.

First stop the original Varsity. Horrible food but an Atlanta institution. Mini burgers and hot dogs. The burger was edible. But not the dogs. The onion rings were inedible greasy and over fried. The fries could have been great if they were not soggy. A must visit for nostalgia sake. If you are a college student this is fine dinning.

Bocca Lupo. A newer over hyped Italian restaurant. Good luck finding this hidden location. No sign looks like a house on the corner. Tasting menu $65. Pasta shaped liked maggots on top of fresh chopped tuna in a fresh spring pea vinaigrette. If you could get past the maggot looking pasta the dish was very tasty. Next seared bay scallops over plain pasta tubes with spring carrots. Very good but the pasta just did not work. Perhaps if it were filled with puree of carrots? Next a pork cutlet with gnocchi and asparagi. I did not like it. The pork was off tasting. The gnocchi were seared off and excellent. Finale chocolate banana bread pudding with strawberry gelato. Excellent and the gelato to die for. We had some additional dishes. Octopus and mortadella spindini did not excite the taste buds. Shells with brisket were a belly buster. The brisket was excellent as the roasted hen of the woods mushrooms. But again the shells were not stuffed with ricotta which would have made this dish a home run. The 20 yolk tagliatelle was a bust. Do not get it. Wine by the glass choices disappoint.

Daddy D’Z BBQ Joynt- Horrible. This dilapidated shack looked promising from the outside. We should have know it was going to be a bust because it was on the best thing I ever ate show. Pork ribs were just all wrong. Brisket was a dry mess. Pulled pork DOA. Beans were beans. Slaw was edible and the cornbread a heavy dried out sinker. Peach cobbler was nuked and inedible.

Buckhead Diner- Always reliable. Georgia white shrimp tacos were excellent. Skip the smashed crab cakes. Mac and Cheese totes were good. Famous chips and blue cheese for blue cheese lovers. Shrimp and grits topped with bacon and egg was delish. Double filet mignon delivered big flavor. Banana cream pie a must try.

The airport Westin hotel provided accommodations. A nice hotel with free shuttle service to the airport. The buffet breakfast is manufactured. It would be better if everything was made from scratch.- Love ya’ll – Cha Cha Pickles