Wow! this wine blew me away. From Woodenville, Washington. (20 minute drive from Seattle) Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to DeLILLE on my recent trip to Woodenville in February. But fortunately someone brought this bottle to the party. Thick, juicy, lush and velvety. Big dark fruit notes from nose to finish. Black cherry, blackberry, currant, chocolate, and blueberry notes. An exciting blend of can sav, merlot and cab franc. Delicious juice! _Keith Ian

Food pairing: wild blueberry sauce glazed wild Tuscan boar rack of ribs. Lightly brushed on ribs every 7.5 minutes with a rosemary sprig. This imparting a savory rosemary scent into the tender flesh of the boar. Additionally set a dark chocolate raspberry compote on left the side of the plate.