I love burger battles. This time it was the one Friday night March March 23 at Wayne Huizenga Park. Unlimited music, beer, and bourbon and burgers all included in the $45 general admission price. There were eleven burger (sliders) vendors all trying to win best burger.

My lucky first bite was the METRO DINER Bold City burger. Metro always serves a tasty creative burger. A favorite of mine. The PINCHO FACTORY had another one of my favorites. GULFSTREAM had the best quality beef of all the burgers I tasted. They served theirs on a waffle with a squeeze in syrup. TUCKER DUKE’S served a tasty burger with potato sticks on it. PELICAN GRAND had a tasty bourbon infused creation. BOKAMPER’S served another favorite of mine the Irish breakfast burger. BRGRSTOP served a burger loaded with ghost peppers. Good luck eating this one. ROK BURGER (official winner) served its signature oxtail topped bourbon burger. The HARD ROCK CAFE served a simple burger. JWB MARGARITAVILLE served a burger topped with cucumber. BURGER CRAZE served a very tasty simple burger with cheese topped with an onion ring on a Martin’s potato roll. Everything taste good on a Martin’s potato roll! The burger eating contest was a little painful. I think four burgers was the winning number. I felt bad for the contestants trying to eat. Let’s get Joey Chestnut here next year to show everyone how it’s done! All in all a lovely night in the park. The Ft Lauderdale burger battle was a success. I look forward to to next years event. ROK Burger was the winner- Dorian Stork