WOW! One of the best happy hours in America! Mai Kai located in Ft Lauderdale, on Federal Highway between Commercial and Oakland Park Boulevards. Open six days a week. (closed Mondays). Enter and you are immediately transported to Hawaii. The large bar area offers half price on drinks and apps six days a week. A huge amazing Hawaiian drink selection, wine, beer, etc. The absolutely delicious apps are full size portions! Pork spareribs $4.50, egg rolls, $4.50, Ice Shrimp cocktail $7, Duck sliders, pupu platters all at these tremendous price savings from 5pm to 7pm! Luv it!  On Wednesday free sushi and dumplings are provided to bar guests. The female bar staff dress up in hula skirts and bikini tops. Very authentic. There is a gift shop. Valet parking only $3. Luv It! – Sunny Choy