A FFWJ best burger choice. Across the street from the Margaritaville Hotel in Hollywood is a long standing burger traditionalist. Le Tub. A shack of a tiki bar decorated with bathtubs and toilets. A little junkyard gem. No air-conditioning, no reservations and no take out. The legendary ($11.50, 13 oz) all beef burgers are the go to food here. Nothing fancy. Just a big beefy burger, lettuce, tomato and cheese. A burger’s burger if you will. Steak fries ($4 small, $5.50 large) are all you need with this huge 13 oz burger. Sit outside by the water but be well prepared to deal with the food stealing seagulls. Otherwise take safe haven inside. Two individual bathrooms located in the front outside area. $2 parking in a small attended lot. No air-conditioning! This place is a piece of Americana and should be experienced at least once in your life. -Tuesday Butter-Smith