FFWJ best burger choice. Any place that offers 1/2 price shots when a train passes has to be good. Johnnie Browns is located on Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach, next to the railroad crossing. The brightline train passed by four times today at our visit. Lucky us! Classic rock blares from the speakers. Open air seating with plenty of shade from the sun is available. A standard menu of wings, burgers and fish. Service is friendly and welcoming. A fish shack look gives a key west sort of vibe. The Johnnie big burger $13, was a big bite. A big beef patty, coleslaw, tomatoes, fried egg, cheese and fries in between a kaiser roll. With more fries on the side! Definitely a good burger. The regular burger $11, was not as exciting. Shots are $8+ and 1/2 that when a train goes by half that price. Two individual bathrooms in back. Park on the street or in a lot. A fun place. Happy hour M-F 3-7 pm with drink and food specials. – Beth Hernandez