Saturday/Sunday February 10 & 11. Mizner Park. First off what is that monstrosity of a roof over the amphitheater lawn? Please tell us it is temporary! A $5 cover charge to enter. Think of it as a cover charge for the band. Thousands of people in attendance. Large lawn area set up. I never knew there was so much property in here. There were many seafood vendors in place. Food and drink tickets had to be purchased. Cash and credit cards accepted. Food menus were confusing, too small or hard to find. Expect to pay $9-$16 for wine, beer and cocktails. And $15-$25 for food plates. It was a little tight  at the food vendor areas. The band area was huge. A few art vendors. Parking is always challenging at Mizner events. All in all a great first run. But please City of Boca Raton Board members, take down that roof!- Sally Sunshine