I love tasting menus. Bauhaus in downtown Vancouver, Canada offers a six course $99 CAN tasting. This industrial interior has a welcoming vibe. Not usual for this decor. Lets eat. Love the fact that bread was served without having to ask for it. A crusty hearth oven bread served with proper room temperature butter. A seafood amuse bouche set the pace. It is so important to serve a complementary amuse bouche at this price range when other restaurants miss this key point. Hamachi with plankton sea vegetables and cucumber was a sour refreshing first course. A fishy tasting lobster bisque was reluctantly replaced with a superb root vegetable and apple puree topped with black truffles. Lamb harissa pistachios eggplant was a miss. The 13 hour roasted lamb was dried out. Too bad. The ravioli black truffle egg onion puree also missed the mark. The onion puree was the only flavor that prevailed. The ravioli was tasteless. Elk steak was perfect. Finished with a divine apple pudding like dessert. Not everything was a hit. But the serving vessels and outstanding plating presentations make Bauhaus a contender if done right, with any top fine dining restaurant.

-Redd Gerard