Thursday is my favorite day of the week. It is pastrami day at Blue Willy’s BBQ. Located at 1190 E Commercial Blvd, Oakland park FL 3334. (Commercial Blvd and Dixie Hwy). This is as close to Katz’s Deli NYC pastrami as you will get. That says a lot. Katz’s pastrami is legendary. Nobody beats Katz’s. But Blue Willy is a contender! Thank goodness! Now Floridians do not have to travel to NYC for a glorious pastrami sandwich. The Blue Willy Pastrami is hand sliced. Piled high. Topped with slaw and mustard if you choose to (yes). It just melts in your mouth. Succulent. The rye bread holds its own to the juicy pastrami and creamy coleslaw. The greens were too salty this week. Mac and cheese was thick and creamy. Fries are very good. Willy is a hoot. The roadhouse decor is perfect for a BBQ chow down. Ample parking. The smoked chicken is delish. Brisket is hit or miss. Sometimes it is too dry. But the pastrami! Luv it!

-Keith Ian