I am the cranky critic. I get the task of writing about unpleasant dinning experiences. Lucky me ate at Miller’s Ale House 9244 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, Fl 33434.  My Poppy always told me “you always get what you pay for”. He was right. The $6.99 meatloaf lunch is not not worth eating. I would rather eat a Snickers bar for a dollar. Everything looked and tasted like it was made in the morning and was sitting around on a warming tray for hours. Mashed potatoes were lukewarm and solidified on the bottom of the plate. The meatloaf was dry as a bone and grainy in texture. The over cooked spinach was my savior. I realize people must come here to drink and not eat. The alcohol specials are cheap and a drinkers delight.  All in all this place reminds me of my college boyfriend’s fraternity house. The barkeep was a friendly woman. But she was so overwhelmed with only a few peeps at the bar that it was challenging to get her attention. Skip the food Miller’s Ale House. _Dorian Stork