I am the cranky critic. I get the task of writing about unfortunate dinning experiences. Today Burt and Max’s, 9089 West Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL is on my list. To start off the crazy layout of the shopping center it is located in is enough to make you want to never go back. Who designed this layout? Parking is scarce. Trying to find any store is a challenge driving along the wavy road. I digress. I ate there twice last week. The $11 lunch menu reads like a real bargain. On my first I ordered the burger, fries and iced tea. The burger ordered medium was served well done. The brioche roll was dry as a bone. The beef tasted like charcoal. An unsavory creation. Thank goodness I filled up on the ordinary but good fries. Iced tea is potent. Dilute it with plenty of ice or you will be wide awake all night. Service by the one friendly barkeep was slow. She had about thirty people at the bar to tend to all at once. My next visit was worse. Again I ordered an $11 dollar lunch special. An omelette of mootz, peppers and spinach, fries and the all awakening iced tea served in a mason jar. There must have been a potato shortage in the kitchen. The fries were in limited supply on my plate. The omelette was chalky and dry as a bone. Dry I can figure out by it being over cooked. But chalky? Skip Burt & Max’s.

-Pancake Charlie