The one pearl I left with last night is that Joy does not like to look at a penis. Otherwise this mish mosh of a presentation was a total disappointment. As Joy slumped on a stool all night dressed in all black with a black curtain background she looked like a real schlub. Even though Joy is Italian you would think she is an official yenta. She had no agenda. She started at 8:40 pm and ended at 9:40 pm. An hour of what came off as unprepared, impromptu ramblings. A few minutes on politics with vulgarities. A few more on her two marriages to two Jewish men. Then a few more on cruises she took and most of the time spoke to how she does not like looking at a penis. Oh yes a few more on the recent manhunt going on in Hollywood. She closed with answering questions from the audience members. The fans ( senior citizen democrats) loved her. The orchestra section was sold out. The side seats mostly full. The back auditorium seats empty.  Buddy Fitzpatrick, the comedian warm up personality, out shined Joy. His almost 30 minute stand up 8:20pm start, was very funny. He was in my opinion the highlight. _Stanley Kay