No IM does not stand for instant message. It is plural for “many” as in many burgers in Hebrew. This Israeli based burger joint will need to sell  “im” burgers to satisfy your hunger. Set up more like a bar than a fast casual burger place. A rectangular bar consumes most of the interior space. That is fine. I like to eat at bars. There are booths also. If you can find this place, set back behind Panera Bread in the Mission Bay Center, Boca Raton, Glades and 441, you have accomplished a great feat. Next, order your food up front at the bar. Large LED menus (look up, way up) have the items listed. I was greeted by two enthusiastic cashiers that were more than helpful on my maiden voyage. $6.95 for a burger,  a side ($.60 up charge on half/half fries not mentioned on menu) and a drink, soda, tea, vitamin water or any combo from the mixologist machine. Now do not be surprised when your food arrives. The burger is actually a slider! WTF? If you do not get the $6.95 combo then a burger (slider) is $5.95. WTF? The cottage fries were good. The slim fries need to go on a diet and the burger, dry aged, was dry as bone. I assume most adults will need to eat  at least two or three sliders to satisfy their hunger. I don’t get it. In this supersaturated burger joint on every corner market, how will Burgerim survive serving sliders at burger prices? -Jimmy Bee