Today one of the great food and wine questions is resurrected. What wine goes with turkey? Most of the thousands of pounds of turkey served today are served dry. Why? Overcooking, Plus, if you are like most and use an electric carving knife to slice along the grain, pieces taste drier. The only thing that can save you is a lot of cranberry sauce. A spoonful of cranberry sauce makes the turkey go down. If you cut the entire breast off and then slice it against the grain, then you will have a much more tender turkey experience. Ah but I digress. What about the wine. Most will say a light bodied Pinot Noir is a varietal that goes well with turkey. Pinot’s light construction will not overpower the bird. And it marries well with cranberry sauce. A Beaujolais Nouveau for about $8 will also do the trick. Next is a Rombauer chardonnay. The Rombauer Family (The Joy of Cooking) makes a Chardonnay from the Carneros area of California, that is viscous and fun filled with oak, smoke and buttery popcorn flavors. Those buttery notes are a sustainable match to your Butterball. And the coupe de grace of what wine goes best with turkey? Champagne! Especially a rose champagne. Any bottle you can afford. The perfect sweetness of this bubbly match will not over power your Thanksgiving treats. Those tiny bubbles cut through all of the sugar, starches and acids in the food. And adds a moist effervescent finish making it the perfect match! So now you know what to drink with your turkey. Get to it! Happy Thanksgiving to all! -Keith Ian