We are fortunate to have the Santa Barbara hamburger restaurant “The Habit Burger” opening all over South Florida. On recent visits to the Delray, Boca and Wellington locations, consistency was confirmed. At $3.39 per burger it is the best and closet burger to the almighty In and Out Burgers of the West. Fresh, tasty, quality that will amaze you for the price. This week the special burger is a bacon and bourbon creation for $4.65. It is delicious and a nice size. Sweet potato, Idaho potato fries and onion rings are sides that are well worth the addition at about $2 each. The tuna steak sandwich is hit or miss. Salads are fresh and fun. But hey if you don’t get a burger at the “Habit” then you are missing out. This is the best priced burger franchise in South Florida. Why pay $13 for a burger in all the “other” burger franchises that are popping up like weeds in the woods. Eat here and it will become a habit. – Jimmy Bee