I love BBQ. I have eaten BBQ all over this country. North, South, East and West states all claim to serve the best. I have eaten at Southern Pig & Cattle Company BBQ in Stuart Florida a few times in the past months. I will tell you it is some of the best I have ever had. The baby back ribs are like pig candy. The taste as if honey was drizzled on them. Beautiful smoke ring. Perfect smoke flavor. Meat falls off the bone. Succulent. The brisket is sliced thin. Something new for me. I have only seen it sliced or chopped thick with heavy bark. This thin brisket  covered in its juices melts in your mouth. Delicious beef. Smoked chicken is dynamite. A heavy smoke taste and ring. The skin is a deep golden color from the professional smoke cooks. No one up north has mastered chicken like this. Slaw is cold and refreshing. Beans are tasty. Cob corn is sweet. Corn bread is moist. And the sauce is right. I will be back. And so should you. – Stanley Kay