Wine Watch located at nine hundred and one Progresso Drive in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a rabbit hole. Almost like the one Alice fell into. Finding it takes luck. When you land inside, it is as if you entered an underground wonderland.  A small maze of wines. Many small lot names are hidden among the archived walls. The staff is at your service. I attended a brown bag wine tasting experience on a recent Saturday evening. It was located in another Hobbit hole across the street. The magic continues as you enter through yet another unmarked door. Your eyes shut wide open when you seem to be transported to a Napa like tasting room. About twenty five people in attendance. Each brought a bottle of wine disguised in a brown paper bag, placed their participant bottles on the bar. One by one they are opened. A small amount of each bottles contents are poured into all participants glasses to taste. “It’s a Cab” someone yells. “It’s a 2009” another shouts. “It’s from Napa” they scream in excitement. Right or wrong the camaraderie and tasting experience is second to none. I guessed a few varietals correctly. After twenty five it gets tough even with filling the pour bucket. To feed your hunger, Wine Watch serves a some small bites, about $15- $20 each. The sliders, Shutty fries (thick steak fries) and tuna carpaccio satisfied our hunger on this evening’s event. The bottle marked “drink me” transports you back to reality. I can’t wait to fall into this rabbit hole again.  Tip-Bring a sweater! Keith Ian