I remember Joan Rivers once said that she does not like to order wine by the glass. The reason being is that under most circumstances it is swill. I agree. Wine by the glass is a bigger money maker than wine by the bottle at drinking establishments. I often am disappointed when I look at the wines by the glass lists.  The usual price of a glass of wine is the cost of a bottle. So the first pour pays for the whole bottle and the next three (if an 8oz pour) is pure profit. Yes, there are a few places that serve excellent wines by the glass. But you will pay through the nose for them. Top Napa Cab Sav’s by the glass can be as high as $30 a glass. Here is a thought. Perhaps there could be more wine converts. If a person is trying to see if they like wine and they are always tasting low end wines by the glass, then wine will not become their drink of choice. I know that there are delicious inexpensive wines by the glass. If beverage directors took the time to inspire rather than to profit they would actually convert more wine drinkers and sell more glasses of wine. Keith Ian